For every dollar spent in store you will receive store credit which can be redeemed at any Super Retro store. Credit has no expiration date.

Loyalty card members will also receive exclusive sales and promotional benefits of which you will be notified via email or text.
How does loyalty work?

Each purchase made in-store is eligible to receive store credit which can be redeemed at any Super Retro store. This credit remains active so long as your account with us remains active. Accounts and any credit attached to them do not expire and can only be terminated upon customer request.

Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, online purchases are excluded from loyalty rewards for now.

Does my in-store loyalty work online?

Due to technical limitations, in-store loyalty balances do not accrue on online purchases. However, this is something we are eager to offer in the future! If you have an in-store loyalty account with us your order will be attached to your account so long as you use the same email we have on file when checking out.