If you have any discs that no longer function, don't throw them out!

We are able to repair worn CD's and DVD's using our in-house disc resurfacing machines. These machines are able to remove light - medium scratches and imperfections, breathing new life into scratched discs.

Our machines are able to repair games from the following consoles.

- PlayStation 1
- PlayStation 2
- Sega CD
- Sega Saturn 
- Sega Dreamcast
- Original Xbox
- Xbox 360
- Nintendo GameCube
- Nintendo Wii

Unfortunately, due to the composition of Blu-ray discs. We are unable to repair the games for the following consoles.

- PlayStation 3
- PlayStation 4
- PlayStation 5
- Xbox One
- Xbox Series S/X
- Nintendo Wii U

We offer this service both in-store and online. 


All Super Retro locations offer disc resurfacing so you may simply bring your games into any location and have them repaired on the spot. We charge $3 per disc and each disc takes between 3 - 5 minutes to resurface.


If you are unable to visit us in-store or would prefer to mail them instead, you can mail them in. We charge $20 for shipping & handling both-ways and each disc costs $3.

Please click here to purchase the service online